We strongly believe that it’s time for recruitment and staffing companies to change – and offer clients what’s really needed, not what they happen to sell.
Working with a Recruitment and Staffing Firm like Staffing Specifix that is Innovative, Out of the Box, Sophisticated, with a splash of Old World Values gives you an edge. Why? Because we always have the finger on the pulse of the market. We offer a service “Experience” that is superior and unmatched, with extensive knowledge and highly desired consultants which work in Specialized Recruitment Teams that are simply the best. So, whether you’re adding to your already successful team or putting together the very best team of employees a company can have, one employee or 1000+, we will deliver. Successfully!
Our integrity, initiative, professionalism and passion for what we do shines through the very moment you connect with us. The bonus is we are really FUN to work with too!

Here at Staffing Specifix, we do not like to be thought of as being just a recruitment and staffing company. To us, finding and recruiting people is just one way to solve a staffing issue. Sometimes it’s the right way; sometimes there are other ways to achieve a better result. Thinking in this way is just one example of how we offer a significantly better value to both our clients and our candidates.

Our core values and business objectives

At Staffing Specifix, we have a very strong & focused vision. We want to:

  • Ensure that we always have a clear and concise understanding of our clients needs.
  • Create and maintain real lasting partnerships with our clients, Based on two-way trust and integrity.
  • Deliver services which are based on defined processes and provide benefits that can be measured, Both in terms of quality and improved business performance.
  • Provide win/win solutions for our clients and candidates.

We use these values and objectives as a way to measure the performance of our business and the performance of all those within it.

Working in this way has kept us focused on delivering greater results and being a company that both clients and candidates want to work with.



An honest approach that clients trust

We’re extremely honest in our approach, which has led us to develop an enviable rapport with our clients. Our clients trust us, because they’ve seen that we’re not just focused on placing candidates but on solving resourcing issues.


Able to find the right people quickly

Although we have an extensive network of potential candidates, We often solve resourcing issues by working closely with our more immediate network – people who love working with Staffing Specifix and are not only happy to put themselves forward, But also actively recommend friends and colleagues. It’s worth remembering that, Typically, The best people aren’t looking for new jobs, So the most effective person may not be found on even the most up-to-date CV database.


We don’t waste our clients valuable time

We don’t waste clients time by sending them bodies to fill their temp needs. When it’s a long term or permanent placement, We don’t send dozens of resumes, or resumes of people who aren’t suitable for the job. We don’t send more than five resumes for each job – and each resume we submit is of someone we are confident can do the job and fit in with the company’s culture. Our aim is to send a select choice of resumes for the clients to shortlist and interview two or three, From which a placement is made.


Focused on delivery, not sales

Staffing Specifix is very much a “Delivery Company”, not a “Sales Company”. Where other recruitment companies would immediately suggest hiring new people, We’re good at helping customer’s identify the root of a staffing problem before we even think about what the most effective solution will be.


Less of the hard sell, more of the hard results

We’re not a hard-selling company. Our culture is one of solving problems. We aim to provide better solutions to our clients. Our clients tell us that we’re one of the few recruitment and staffing companies that actually listen to and understand what they’re looking for.



  • Reference checks
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Aptitude and Typing Testing
  • Pre-Employment Physicals
  • County, State, & National Background Checks
  • Employment Eligibility through DHS E-Verify System

We duplicate our success within almost any industry and this is why:

We’re open-minded about the industries within which we work – we are first and foremost recruitment and staffing specialists.

We are confident that we can apply our skills to most markets because of two major reasons

  • Stellar Proven Track Record
  • The specialized recruiters we have handpicked are professionally trained from a technical background and are the finest in their area of expertise.

We have these recruiters work in specialized “Recruiting Teams” which only focus on their forte. Our team is simply the best!

A successful placement whether it’s temp or perm, 1 or 1000+ is our FIX!